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Survey finds common factors in divorce

Kentucky couples might benefit from premarital counseling, but even people who have been through this kind of counseling may still end up divorcing. In a survey of people who had participated in a program called PREP 14 years earlier, which focused on improving couples' communication and conflict resolution skills, some reported that the counseling still did not adequately prepare them for marriage or the changes that happen over the course of marriage.

Divorce risk higher for mismatched couples

An analysis of data related to online dating revealed that both women and men are likely to pursue romantic relationships with people who are more attractive than they are. Residents of Kentucky and other states who end up with more attractive partners might be at a higher risk of going through a divorce, though, according to other research. An article published in Psychology Today said that couples who are dissimilar in physical attractiveness tend to have relationships that are less successful.

Joint custody more beneficial for children than sole custody

Some divorcing parents in Kentucky have valid reasons for filing for sole custody, such as concerns about a child's well-being when with the other parent. Other times, a person may seek full custody because of a belief that it's best for young children to spend overnights with mothers instead of fathers. However, research on this topic suggests it's better for children to be part of a joint custody family instead of a single parent home situation.

Divorce and the family home: Sell or keep?

When people in Kentucky decide to divorce, handling the family home can be one of the most complicated parts of the property division process. The marital home is often one of the largest single assets held by the couple. At the same time, unlike other substantial assets like retirement funds or investment accounts, real estate cannot be easily divided in two. Also unlike those assets, people often feel a deep emotional connection to the marital home, especially when children are involved.

How getting out of debt might save a marriage

Kentucky couples who believe they may have to get divorced as a result of financial trouble should remember that getting out of debt can help save marriages. According to a study released by Utah State University, couples who fight about money and debt are 30 percent more likely to divorce than couples who rarely argue. Couples who struggle with money are more likely to have trouble communicating as a result of their stress. Therefore, money is considered one of the top predictors of divorce.

Co-parenting during the holidays after divorce

Many Kentucky families endure a certain amount of stress during the holidays. Seasonal activities can be even more emotional following the end of a marriage that produced children. Added tension may also be created because of the increased contact between former spouses as kids get shuffled back and forth between separate homes more often, especially when there's an extended break from school. However, if divorced parents have a mutually acceptable plan in place, the holidays may be more joyous and less stressful for children.

Divorcing couples should keep taxes in mind

Divorce can change the lives of the people involved in a number of ways. It can be such a stressful, time-consuming process that separating parties in Kentucky can overlook important issues in favor of simply getting through it. For example, divorcing parents may be so caught up in custody disputes that they may neglect to consider all of the tax ramifications of their separation.

How "birdnesting" may make divorce easier for children

When personal relationships turn sour, most divorced parents in Kentucky with children still want to make things easier for their kids during the transition process. One way some parents are achieving this goal is with what's termed "birdnesting" or "nesting." It's a concept that involves maintaining the family residence as a home. However, parents take turns living with their children while otherwise residing in separate homes.

Seeking the marital home during a divorce

It's fairly common for a spouse going through a divorce in Kentucky to seek ownership of the marital home as part of their settlement. Sometimes the quest for the family home is a struggle that's ultimately resolved by the court or lengthy negotiations between legal representatives. There are also times when a spouse expresses a willingness to let the other party simply buy them out. However, this type of arrangement may not be so simple if certain issues are not considered before moving forward with the transaction.

Money mistakes to avoid when a marriage ends

Recently divorced Kentucky residents may have an urge to sell investments or splurge on a new home or car. However, these can be among the worst decisions a person can make after ending a marriage. By selling stocks or taking distributions from a 401(k), it may necessary to pay extra taxes. Those who take money from a 401(k) before age 59 1/2 could have to pay another 10 percent early withdrawal fee.

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