Cohabitation Agreements

How Unmarried Couples Can Benefit From A Cohabitation Agreement

Not all family law issues arise from marriages. When an unwed couple decides to reside together, they may wish to consider entering into a cohabitation agreement. All too often, unmarried couples do not consider what will happen should they separate. And unlike married couples going through a divorce, unmarried couples cannot use the family court system when a conflict emerges.

Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to address common family law concerns such as child support and custody matters in the event of a breakup. Here at Dietz & Overmann, PLLC, our legal team is equipped to handle cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples in northern Kentucky. Let us help you proactively plan for all of life’s challenges.

Don’t Get Caught Without A Plan For Your Future

For couples who do not intend to marry, establishing a cohabitation agreement can serve as a roadmap as you both move forward. By sitting down with an attorney, you and your partner can create an agreement that details expectations and obligations during your relationship. This contract can also determine how you will divide your assets and debts should things end.

Cohabitation agreements do not imply or assume that a relationship is ending, however. Instead, much like a prenuptial agreement, they help couples develop a clear plan that prepares them for what the future could bring. In this way, couples who may ultimately end their relationship can do so without having to make difficult choices while under duress.

Being Prepared Protects You And Your Partner

Another factor to consider is that unmarried couples do not have the same legal rights as their married counterparts. Couples who decide not to wed do not have a claim to their partner’s estate. They are also not permitted to make medical decisions for the other or collect retirement or life insurance benefits from the other. Defining these roles and responsibilities through a cohabitation agreement can lessen any uncertainties should a life-changing event take place.

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