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When children request custody changes

Divorced parents living in Kentucky are often concerned about the well-being of their children. In many situations, one parent has primary physical custody while the other receives more limited visitation, also known as parenting time. In many cases, both parents are satisfied with their current arrangement. However, there are times when children, particularly preteen or teenage children, may express a preference to live full time with the parent who does not have primary custody.

The importance of co-parenting for divorcing couples

Following a divorce, many Kentucky parents struggle with how to raise their children. Some will feel overwhelmed at the idea of being a single parent while others will experience anxiety at the thought of dealing with their former spouse again. Despite these obstacles, those who successfully embrace the concept of co-parenting may find that things are much easier for themselves and their children.

Co-parenting is not always a wise choice

Researchers have found that children who spend time with both parents following a divorce tend to fare better, and family law judges in Kentucky and around the country now order joint custody far more often as a result. However, making a co-parenting plan work is not always possible, and there are situations where such arrangements could actually do children more harm than good.

Key tips for divorcing parents to keep in mind

When parents in Kentucky make the decision to divorce, they may find themselves facing a challenging new situation: forging a new relationship as co-parents. Many couples go through severe emotional pain during the divorce, especially when the separation is less amicable or involves difficult circumstances like infidelity. Still, both parents will be part of the children's lives for years to come, and it can be important to retain a positive relationship centered around the children. Positive co-parenting can help children to emerge from a divorce with a better relationship with both of their parents.

Tips for creating a reasonable parenting schedule

Kentucky parents who are going through a divorce will need to create a plan for raising their children. This plan should work to keep both parents involved in the child's life as much as possible. Doing so can show a child how adults work together for the good of those they love. When creating such a plan, it is important that the kids experience as little confusion as possible.

Co-parenting after a divorce

Every year, many parents in Kentucky file for divorce. These separations often have major effects on families. However, parents who pay special attention to their children's needs can help their kids bounce back after the stress of separation.

How co-parents can work together effectively

Almost anyone in Kentucky or anywhere else who shares in the responsibility of raising a child can be considered a co-parent. This can include biological parents, grandparents and foster parents. It can also include unmarried couples who had a child together. Those who are responsible for raising a child should keep the best interests of him or her as their top priority. Interactions with the child's other parent should be formal and businesslike.

Prevention of international parental kidnapping

Kentucky parents are prohibited by federal law from moving their children out of the United States for the purpose of interfering with the other parent's custody rights. A person who violates this law may be charged with international parental kidnapping face up to three years in federal prison.

When co-parenting isn't working try parallel parenting

Co-parenting is touted as the ideal way for parents to raise their children after a divorce or legal separation, but what happens when you just can't get along with one another? If every communication or interaction escalates to an argument, it may be time to try parallel parenting.

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