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False beliefs about noncustodial parents

While noncustodial parents in Kentucky might not have physical custody, they often share legal custody. This means that they have equal power to make major decisions about such elements of the child's life as education and religion. Despite this, some people unfairly view a noncustodial parent as being less engaged with the child's life.

Documents a Kentucky woman should obtain before a divorce

Kentucky women who believe a divorce is looming in the near future should consider the importance of gathering documents prior to making things official. Because wives are often not aware of every aspect of their families' financial situations, they should take care to collect documents such as tax returns to build a picture of their financial situations. A woman who is preparing to file for a divorce should also obtain a lifestyle analysis and net worth statement.

What parting spouses need to know about the family home

For many divorcing couples in Kentucky, the family home is the biggest asset that needs to be split. If there is a desire for one spouse to become the sole owner of the home, it can help for them to approach the process as if they were purchasing an entirely new property. A good place to start for a soon-to-be ex looking to claim the marital home is to determine how much equity they have in it.

Signs that a marriage could be headed for divorce

Some spouses in Kentucky may divorce not because of major issues, such as infidelity, but due to less obvious tendencies that can be just as harmful to a marriage. For example, couples who engage in too much conflict avoidance may simply allow issues to fester without them ever being resolved.

More millennials are signing prenups prior to marriage

There's still a lingering belief that younger couples tying the knot in Kentucky and elsewhere in the country aren't too proactive about the future. However, more millennials are actively preparing for the unexpected by signing prenuptial agreements. In a recent survey of divorce attorneys, more than 60 percent of them reported a rise in the number of clients requesting prenups. Just over half the respondents said they had more millennial clients asking about prenups.

The value of a good real estate agent during divorce

When a Kentucky couple is going through a divorce and they need to discuss selling their home, there are a lot of things they need to consider. One of the trickier issues is determining whether to accept an offer on their home. A major factor in determining this is the relationship that the divorcing couple has with their real estate agent.

Claiming dependents after divorce

People in Kentucky who claim dependents on tax returns may experience no complications. However, in cases in which the same dependents are claimed by multiple taxpayers, such as divorced or separated parents who both claim their children, the Internal Revenue Service will have to apply certain rules to decide whose claim to allow.

Preparing for the end of a marriage

Most people exchanging vows in Kentucky aren't thinking about how they would plan for a divorce if their marriage should end. However, each year, roughly 2 million Americans untie the knot. This is why it's generally advised that couples considering a split do so with a plan a mind. The first thing that spouses may want to do is determine if they really want to call it quits. Divorce is a life-changing decision that can have a big emotional and financial impact.

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