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Informal methods of crafting a child support order

Separated parents in Kentucky may choose to work out a child support arrangement on their own. They could also choose to create a child support plan with the help of a mediator or through some other formal collaborative process. In some cases, parents hire legal counsel to help them create an agreement outside of court. In others, attorneys may be consulted after an agreement has been reached in principle.

Voluntary impoverishment and child support

Most parents who owe child support make payments on time and in full, but there are a few bad actors who purposefully under-report their earnings or earn less than their full potential just to avoid payments. This is commonly known as involuntary impoverishment, and it can leave primary caregivers in Kentucky in financial trouble. This can be a particularly difficult scenario to resolve if the parents are in a verbal child support agreement.

How parents can resolve child support problems

Parents in Kentucky and throughout the nation may have difficulty paying child support in a timely manner. In many cases, they are called deadbeats even when they aren't trying to withhold support out of spite or a lack of concern for their children. Those who don't have the income to make a support payment should file a motion to modify the order in the state where it was created.

Delinquent child support list released by county

Every year in Jefferson County, Kentucky, a list of parents who are delinquent on their child support payments is released. According to the list released in 2019, these so-called deadbeat parents owe about $96 million in back payments to the primary caregiver of their child. According to the Jefferson County Attorney, the purpose of the list is to help track down the more than 4,000 people on it so that they can be held accountable.

How to revise a parenting schedule for the summer

Even when a parenting schedule has been working well for divorced Kentucky couples, they might need to change it when summer rolls around. Kids' schedules may change when they are not built around the routine of school. Even summer schedules that have worked up to this point may need changing as children get older.

Dealing with child support payments after financial changes

For some parents in Kentucky, keeping up with court-mandated child support payments may seem impossible. While the payments are meant to provide children with the funds they need to live a full life, the support order is generally based on a formula tied to the parents' income. However, in some cases, parents' financial situations change dramatically after the original support order is issued. While a formula is used to calculate that initial order, there is no automatic recalculation based on financial changes. Therefore, some parents may be struggling to make ends meet and find themselves facing child support debt.

How child support helps parents

Custodial parents in Kentucky and throughout the country may receive funds from noncustodial parents to help raise their children. It is important that these funds are used solely to take care of a child's expenses. If a payment is more than a parent needs in a given month, it should be kept in reserve to cover other future expenses. There are many different ways a child support payment can be used to help a child.

What a parent should bring to a child support appointment

Parents who are seeking child support in Kentucky will need to visit a local Office of Child Support Enforcement to complete the process. This is generally true even if it was started online. At this office visit, it will be necessary to show a valid ID, the child's birth certificate and general information about the child's other parent. Parents may also be required to show proof of income and proof of paternity.

Mother of rapper Gucci Mane's child asks for more support

Kentucky fans of rapper Gucci Mane may have heard that the mother of his son is asking him for more in child support. According to Mane's autobiography, he was unaware of the child until the son was 10 months old. He took a paternity test to verify that he was the father after people commented that the child looked like him.

Getting started with child support

When parents in Kentucky first begin to deal with child support, they may feel confused and overwhelmed. Many parents first are in contact with the support system after a divorce or other breakup, and they may feel emotionally vulnerable and uneasy. While most people know that non-custodial parents have an obligation to provide financially for their children, they may not understand how the determination is made or how a child support order is put into place.

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