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How can unmarried couples seek legal protections?

There are times when a couple may want to live together long-term without the permanent ties of a formal marriage. Many Kentucky couples want to live together while remaining unmarried, and fortunately, there are still options available to people who wish to protect their legal interests in this type of arrangement. 

Legal terms you should know if you suspect a hidden asset problem

Protecting your rights and assets in divorce is no doubt one of your highest priorities. If you're a parent, then making sure proceedings focus on your children's best interests is also of paramount importance. When the time comes for the court to divide your marital property, problems (and stress) can arise if your spouse is not being honest. Hidden assets are a major problem in many Kentucky divorces, as well as in hundreds of other divorces throughout the nation.

Should you bypass divorce mediation and go to court?

Now that you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you may feel a deep sense of relief. This may be especially true if your marriage was little more than years of struggle and tension. Perhaps your spouse violated your trust by unfaithfulness or other forms of misbehavior, and you simply want the divorce to be over.

Ideas for helping your children come to terms with your divorce

You probably remember exactly where you were, perhaps even what time of day it was, when you told your children you were getting divorced. If you have several children of various age ranges, their reactions may have varied. Perhaps you have a quiet child who immediately became even more introverted, or an assertive child who gave personal opinions about your decision. Your kids may have shed tears or expressed anger or worry as well. After all, they love both parents, and the unknown can be quite scary at times.

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