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Marriages that begin unhappily linked to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Divorce |

When people in Kentucky decide to divorce, there may be several issues that led to the end of a marriage. While many people expect that newlyweds are the happiest and that marital satisfaction declines over the years, other research indicates that some people continue to be even happier in their marriages years after the wedding. One study examined the impact of socioeconomic status on marital happiness and the likelihood of divorce. Researchers tracked the feelings of 431 couples living in a relatively low-income area, surveying the couples five times between 2009 and 2014. Participants were asked to answer eight questions where they assessed their happiness in their marriage.

The researchers found that 60% of the couples were initially very happy with their marriages. However, 30% were moderately happy and 10% were unhappy in their marriages from the very beginning. They found that couples that were happy when they were initially married were also relatively likely to remain happy over the years to come. Those that were already troubled at the beginning of their marriages were more likely to become even more unhappy over time and eventually to seek a divorce.

The researchers found that economically disadvantaged couples largely resembled the others involved in the study. Wives were more likely to be unhappy if they were also suffering a poor economic situation. However, the researchers did not provide information about couples who experienced new forms of economic stress or a financial crisis during their marriage, rather than those who maintained a consistent economic status over the years.

Finances can be a stressful topic not only during marriage but also during the divorce process. A divorcing spouse might benefit from consulting with a family law attorney to help negotiate a fair settlement of divorce legal issues, including property division and spousal support.

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