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How to help children adjust to a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2019 | Divorce |

As hard as a divorce can be on an adult, it can be even more difficult for a child to get through. However, there are many strategies that parents in Kentucky and in other states can use to help their children adjust to their new circumstances. Ideally, parents will not argue with each other in front of their kids. This unnecessarily exposes them to more conflict and lead to feelings of guilt as the fights may be related to their needs.

Parents should aim to be civil around each other when the kids are present even if they don’t like each other. If a child thinks that there is an issue between the parents, they may try to choose sides or otherwise feel caught in the middle of the battle. Children should never be made to feel as if the divorce was their fault.

Instead, parents should emphasize that they still love their kids and that they did nothing to cause the marriage to end. If the adults still get along reasonably well, it may be possible to get together for family game nights or other special events on a regular basis. This can create some semblance of normalcy in a child’s life even though his or her parents won’t be getting back together.

The end of a marriage can present challenges for both parents and children. An attorney may be able to help resolve issues related to parenting time, child support or others that may be relevant in a given case. It might also be possible for an attorney to review the terms of a prenuptial agreement to determine if they are still valid. If so, it may be possible to settle a divorce in a timely manner and without further straining relationships between parents.

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