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September 2019 Archives

When children request custody changes

Divorced parents living in Kentucky are often concerned about the well-being of their children. In many situations, one parent has primary physical custody while the other receives more limited visitation, also known as parenting time. In many cases, both parents are satisfied with their current arrangement. However, there are times when children, particularly preteen or teenage children, may express a preference to live full time with the parent who does not have primary custody.

Is divorce stress throwing you off your game?

If you're one of many professional athletes who live in Kentucky and happen to be preparing for divorce, you may be able to relate to those who say their personal problems sometimes get in the way of their performance on the field or court. Divorce isn't easy, especially if there are children involved. If you are a top-performing athlete whose name is well known in the sports world, you might worry that the media will get hold of your story and the paparazzi will follow in droves.

Basic parenting plan elements and typical responsibilities

Parents who end their marriages in Kentucky face a period of adjustment alongside their children. As part of the divorce, parents usually negotiate a parenting plan that addresses when the children spend time with each parent and who makes decisions about the children's care and activities. At a minimum, parenting plans establish a framework for managing the children's education, medical care, extra-curricular activities and religion when applicable. Both parents could have joint authority over every element, or they might divide their authority between different areas of the children's lives.

Marriages that begin unhappily linked to divorce

When people in Kentucky decide to divorce, there may be several issues that led to the end of a marriage. While many people expect that newlyweds are the happiest and that marital satisfaction declines over the years, other research indicates that some people continue to be even happier in their marriages years after the wedding. One study examined the impact of socioeconomic status on marital happiness and the likelihood of divorce. Researchers tracked the feelings of 431 couples living in a relatively low-income area, surveying the couples five times between 2009 and 2014. Participants were asked to answer eight questions where they assessed their happiness in their marriage.

How to help children adjust to a divorce

As hard as a divorce can be on an adult, it can be even more difficult for a child to get through. However, there are many strategies that parents in Kentucky and in other states can use to help their children adjust to their new circumstances. Ideally, parents will not argue with each other in front of their kids. This unnecessarily exposes them to more conflict and lead to feelings of guilt as the fights may be related to their needs.

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