Following a divorce, many Kentucky parents struggle with how to raise their children. Some will feel overwhelmed at the idea of being a single parent while others will experience anxiety at the thought of dealing with their former spouse again. Despite these obstacles, those who successfully embrace the concept of co-parenting may find that things are much easier for themselves and their children.

The children of divorce often feel insecure at the thought of their parents no longer living together. Co-parenting takes away much of this anxiety, allowing kids to feel loved and secure despite the separation. As such, any anxiety a child does feel is more likely to be short term rather than ongoing. This is especially true since co-parenting requires parents to communicate frequently and treat each other with dignity and respect. It’s much better than the alternative, which is constantly arguing and bickering over every detail.

The right parenting plans can also alleviate the burden of single parenthood. Ideally, each parent will receive ample time with the children and then have a break period where he or she can recoup or catch up on other things. When parents build a bond, they are also able to rely on one another whenever an issue arises with the child that they cannot resolve on their own.

Co-parenting isn’t easy, but it does have its rewards. Those who are considering a divorce may want to think about how they will co-parent once it is finalized. An experienced family law attorney may prove useful in helping clients come up with a parenting plan that will take everyone’s needs into consideration.

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