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July 2019 Archives

How parents can resolve child support problems

Parents in Kentucky and throughout the nation may have difficulty paying child support in a timely manner. In many cases, they are called deadbeats even when they aren't trying to withhold support out of spite or a lack of concern for their children. Those who don't have the income to make a support payment should file a motion to modify the order in the state where it was created.

Is your child showing signs of stress after divorce?

Like all good parents in Kentucky and elsewhere, your children's best interests are your highest priority. You work hard to provide for their needs and create a stable, peaceful, safe and joyful living environment. Going through divorce can definitely derail a family's peace train. Especially if you and your ex disagree about child-related issues, it can cause high levels of stress for your kids.

How wedding debt can lead to divorce

LendingTree recently released a survey taken by 506 people between the ages of 18 and 53 in Kentucky and elsewhere who were married in the last two years. It found that 45% of the respondents had gone into debt to fund their wedding. Of that amount, 47% said that they had contemplated getting a divorce.

The importance of co-parenting for divorcing couples

Following a divorce, many Kentucky parents struggle with how to raise their children. Some will feel overwhelmed at the idea of being a single parent while others will experience anxiety at the thought of dealing with their former spouse again. Despite these obstacles, those who successfully embrace the concept of co-parenting may find that things are much easier for themselves and their children.

Millennials more likely to have separate accounts, prenups

Millennial couples in Kentucky may be more likely to keep their bank accounts separate compared to baby boomers and Gen X according to a survey by Bank of America. A survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that prenuptial agreements are also on the rise, with millennials in particular requesting them.

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