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How to revise a parenting schedule for the summer

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Child Support |

Even when a parenting schedule has been working well for divorced Kentucky couples, they might need to change it when summer rolls around. Kids’ schedules may change when they are not built around the routine of school. Even summer schedules that have worked up to this point may need changing as children get older.

Parents should try to decide on the new schedule as soon as possible since uncertainty can be difficult for children. They can keep clearly-marked calendars in both their homes to remind children of it. They should also consider whether their rules between households are consistent. For example, if children are allowed only one hour of screen time daily at one house and unlimited time at the other, this can cause confusion and resentment. Parents may not agree on every element of co-parenting, but if they can bring expectations into better alignment, their children are likely to thrive with clear boundaries.

Throughout these negotiations, parents should treat one another with respect. This can be difficult, but they should focus on the fact that it is in the best interests of the child for them to try to get along with another. It can help to keep an eye on the big picture and think about what is best for the child over the long term.

Parents should keep in mind that disagreements over child support should be separate from the parenting schedule. If one parent has fallen behind on child support payments, that does not negate that parent’s visitation rights, and the other parent should not restrict access to the child. The legal system can help with collecting child support if the parents have a formal agreement. A parent who can no longer keep up child support payments can request a modification from the court.

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