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Quality Family Law Representation

Signs that a marriage could be headed for divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Divorce |

Some spouses in Kentucky may divorce not because of major issues, such as infidelity, but due to less obvious tendencies that can be just as harmful to a marriage. For example, couples who engage in too much conflict avoidance may simply allow issues to fester without them ever being resolved.

Another danger is when couples do not take each other’s emotions seriously. Invalidating another’s emotions may seem like a small thing, but over time, this can build up and create resentment. Other couples split up because one or both of them cannot set aside problems from the past. For example, a person whose last partner was unfaithful might struggle with jealousy, and that could ruin the current relationship.

A lack of good communication can also lead to resentment. For example, couples may begin to use sarcasm or passive aggressiveness as a substitute for functioning communication. When it comes to finances, communication is also important. Couples should be open about their attitudes toward spending and how they manage their finances.

Stonewalling” refers to the practice of refusing to communicate with a partner during conflict, whether because of overwhelming emotion or for some other reason. Experts say this is never good for a relationship. In other cases, couples simply grow apart.

These same issues can follow a couple into the divorce process. For example, if a couple has had money issues, one or both of them may go into the divorce knowing too little about the family finances. Some spouses might even try to conceal assets. However, an attorney could help protect the best interests of a client during a divorce.

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