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Quality Family Law Representation

Key tips for divorcing parents to keep in mind

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Parenting Plans |

When parents in Kentucky make the decision to divorce, they may find themselves facing a challenging new situation: forging a new relationship as co-parents. Many couples go through severe emotional pain during the divorce, especially when the separation is less amicable or involves difficult circumstances like infidelity. Still, both parents will be part of the children’s lives for years to come, and it can be important to retain a positive relationship centered around the children. Positive co-parenting can help children to emerge from a divorce with a better relationship with both of their parents.

In the first place, parents should make sure to keep their children out of their disagreements in the divorce. Parents who complain about each other may evoke uncomfortable feelings in their children who feel pressured to take one parent’s side or the other. Indeed, this can create long-term psychological damage for many children. Therefore, parents should communicate directly with each other about problems or concerns, rather than using their children as messengers. They should not feel as if they need to make a choice between two parents they love.

At the same time, parents should also take care to avoid confusing their children. Many kids hope that their divorcing parents will get back together. Keeping up an illusion of romance or excessive closeness can foster false beliefs that are particularly disappointing when they are once again not realized. Even if there is a possibility of reconciliation, parents should try to keep this to themselves until it is confirmed to avoid further emotional effects on the kids.

Divorce can be particularly challenging for parents, who must address issues like child custody and splitting time with their children. A family law attorney might help divorcing parents reach a fair settlement on a range of matters, including developing a parenting plan.

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