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April 2019 Archives

Common links between states with lower divorce rates

The reasons for divorce are as varied as the people who enter into marriage. Though it is a common occurrence, happening to around 40 to 50% in the United States, there is still a great deal of stigma attached. However, researchers are now saying that where you choose to live can influence your likelihood of getting divorced.

Signs that a marriage could be headed for divorce

Some spouses in Kentucky may divorce not because of major issues, such as infidelity, but due to less obvious tendencies that can be just as harmful to a marriage. For example, couples who engage in too much conflict avoidance may simply allow issues to fester without them ever being resolved.

More millennials are signing prenups prior to marriage

There's still a lingering belief that younger couples tying the knot in Kentucky and elsewhere in the country aren't too proactive about the future. However, more millennials are actively preparing for the unexpected by signing prenuptial agreements. In a recent survey of divorce attorneys, more than 60 percent of them reported a rise in the number of clients requesting prenups. Just over half the respondents said they had more millennial clients asking about prenups.

Key tips for divorcing parents to keep in mind

When parents in Kentucky make the decision to divorce, they may find themselves facing a challenging new situation: forging a new relationship as co-parents. Many couples go through severe emotional pain during the divorce, especially when the separation is less amicable or involves difficult circumstances like infidelity. Still, both parents will be part of the children's lives for years to come, and it can be important to retain a positive relationship centered around the children. Positive co-parenting can help children to emerge from a divorce with a better relationship with both of their parents.

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