When a Kentucky couple is going through a divorce and they need to discuss selling their home, there are a lot of things they need to consider. One of the trickier issues is determining whether to accept an offer on their home. A major factor in determining this is the relationship that the divorcing couple has with their real estate agent.

The real estate agent needs to be on the same page with the divorcing couple. If the divorcing couple is going to split the assets from the home or use the assets from the home to cover other joint debt, they need the home to sell for as much as it possibly can. If the couple does not trust their real estate agent, each one may spend a lot of time discussing the sale of the home with their attorneys. This is going to get expensive. However, if the couple trusts the real estate agent and listens to their professional advice, both partners should be able to get the best price for their home.

During a divorce, it could be a challenge to look at the home objectively. There is a lot of sentiment attached to the home, but just because an individual feels sentimental about their home, this does not mean that others will feel the same way. For this reason, if a divorcing couple realizes that they have priced their home too high, they need to work with their real estate agent to bring the price down to a moderate level.

A family law attorney may be beneficial in helping their client deal with the sale of a home and other financial issues during the divorce. The attorney may advise their client on how to deal with things like shared accounts, how property division laws may affect the sale of the home and other practical issues that could come up during the divorce process.

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