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January 2019 Archives

How child support helps parents

Custodial parents in Kentucky and throughout the country may receive funds from noncustodial parents to help raise their children. It is important that these funds are used solely to take care of a child's expenses. If a payment is more than a parent needs in a given month, it should be kept in reserve to cover other future expenses. There are many different ways a child support payment can be used to help a child.

Infidelity: Causal factors and post-affair options

Most Kentucky spouses can relate to the idea that marriage is not always a bed of roses. Life can be tough and marriage can be likewise. If you and your spouse have been together for five or more years, you've likely overcome your share of relationship challenges. Most of the time, you probably do whatever you need to do to set things right between you so you can keep your relationship intact.

Tips for creating a reasonable parenting schedule

Kentucky parents who are going through a divorce will need to create a plan for raising their children. This plan should work to keep both parents involved in the child's life as much as possible. Doing so can show a child how adults work together for the good of those they love. When creating such a plan, it is important that the kids experience as little confusion as possible.

Property division can be tricky for wealthy divorcees

Divorcing spouses in Kentucky who are very wealthy may have to go through a particularly complex process of asset division. Such issues have been illustrated in the case of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who recently announced that he will be divorcing his wife after 25 years of marriage.

Divorce risk higher for mismatched couples

An analysis of data related to online dating revealed that both women and men are likely to pursue romantic relationships with people who are more attractive than they are. Residents of Kentucky and other states who end up with more attractive partners might be at a higher risk of going through a divorce, though, according to other research. An article published in Psychology Today said that couples who are dissimilar in physical attractiveness tend to have relationships that are less successful.

Joint custody more beneficial for children than sole custody

Some divorcing parents in Kentucky have valid reasons for filing for sole custody, such as concerns about a child's well-being when with the other parent. Other times, a person may seek full custody because of a belief that it's best for young children to spend overnights with mothers instead of fathers. However, research on this topic suggests it's better for children to be part of a joint custody family instead of a single parent home situation.

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