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What a parent should bring to a child support appointment

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Child Support |

Parents who are seeking child support in Kentucky will need to visit a local Office of Child Support Enforcement to complete the process. This is generally true even if it was started online. At this office visit, it will be necessary to show a valid ID, the child’s birth certificate and general information about the child’s other parent. Parents may also be required to show proof of income and proof of paternity.

Other important information to bring to an appointment include a divorce decree, evidence of past child support payments and an existing child support order. If possible, it’s better to make an appointment ahead of time. Doing so may allow a parent to get into and out of the meeting in less time. Parents are allowed to bring their children, and it may be worth bringing extra snacks and entertainment to keep them occupied during an appointment.

Regardless of whether a child’s parents are together, both are generally obligated to provide support for that child. In some cases, this may be true even if a court has terminated an individual’s parental rights to a son or daughter. These payments are designed to help pay for basic needs as well as for entertainment or other reasonable costs the child may incur.

Since paying child support is generally seen as an important part of raising a child, there may be significant penalties for not paying. These penalties may include jail time, a fine or interest added to the balance owed. If a person is having trouble keeping up with support obligations, it may be possible to ask for a modification of that order. However, even if one is granted, any past due support generally needs to be paid.

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