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Study suggests certain occupations may increase divorce risk

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Divorce |

It’s not unusual for stress related to work to be a factor that contributes to the end of a marriage in Kentucky. However, there’s new research suggesting that certain occupations may result in workplace situations more likely to adversely affect marriages. A previous study on relationships and the availability of possible partners of the opposite sex found that men living in communities with higher populations of women were more likely to have shorter marriages. The more recent study focuses on gender ratios where people spend most of their day: at work.

The big takeaway from the study is that having more potential partners in the workplace results in a higher rate of divorce, a correlation that was stronger for men than women. For the study, researchers looked at the work and relationship histories of married couples in Denmark over several years. It was discovered that men working in traditionally male-dominated fields like construction were less likely to end their marriage than women working in the same occupations.

Both men and women were more likely to split from their partners if they held jobs at places like restaurants and hotels with more opportunities for social interaction. Farmers and librarians, however, had the lowest divorce risk. Men were more likely to stray when in workplace environments with more women than women were in similar situations with men. Interestingly, men with a higher education had a higher divorce risk in female-dominated fields, but the reverse was true for women in male-dominated fields.

No matter what leads to the end of a marriage, a family law attorney may be able to make the process less stressful for clients by offering advice on asset and property division. If there is a significant dispute, a lawyer may attempt to reach a mutually acceptable resolution without turning to the courts. Issues with child custody and visitation, support for the lower-earning spouse, and financial or retirement accounts may also have to be worked out between both parties with appropriate legal assistance and support.

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