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Quality Family Law Representation

Mother of rapper Gucci Mane’s child asks for more support

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Child Support |

Kentucky fans of rapper Gucci Mane may have heard that the mother of his son is asking him for more in child support. According to Mane’s autobiography, he was unaware of the child until the son was 10 months old. He took a paternity test to verify that he was the father after people commented that the child looked like him.

In 2011, he was ordered to pay $2,026.49 in child support. However, since Mane’s release from prison in 2016, his career has done well. This has led the mother to reportedly ask for $20,000 in child support.

She also cited his recent wedding, which cost $1.7 million. The ceremony was aired in 10 parts on BET in December 2017. The mother is asking for medical expenses, a caregiver for the boy and for the rapper to maintain a life insurance policy worth at least $5 million.

Child support can often be a source of contention between divorcees or parents who have never been married. If the parent paying support begins making significantly more or less money, it may be necessary to modify the support agreement. Parents may make an informal agreement to do this, but if they have a court-ordered child support agreement, they should still go through legal channels to change it. If the amount is higher and the parent stops paying, the office of child support enforcement can only help the parent get the amount in the original agreement. If the amount needs to be lowered, the parent will still be legally obligated to pay the original agreed-upon amount until the court approves a modification.

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