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August 2018 Archives

Mother of rapper Gucci Mane's child asks for more support

Kentucky fans of rapper Gucci Mane may have heard that the mother of his son is asking him for more in child support. According to Mane's autobiography, he was unaware of the child until the son was 10 months old. He took a paternity test to verify that he was the father after people commented that the child looked like him.

Getting started with child support

When parents in Kentucky first begin to deal with child support, they may feel confused and overwhelmed. Many parents first are in contact with the support system after a divorce or other breakup, and they may feel emotionally vulnerable and uneasy. While most people know that non-custodial parents have an obligation to provide financially for their children, they may not understand how the determination is made or how a child support order is put into place.

The four different types of child support arrangements explained

Many people assume that child support is something one former spouse simply pays to the ex who happens to have custody. While this is one common way this type of financial assistance may work in Kentucky, there are other child support arrangements that can also be set up. Support cases are broken down as IV-A, IV-D, and IV-E cases and non-IV-D cases. The "IV" refers to a provision of the Social Security Act that provides grants to states to cover financial needs for families with children.

Financial concerns for older people in a divorce

Older couples in Kentucky may be getting divorced at higher rates than in the past. According to Pew Research, the divorce rate nationwide for people older than 50 is twice as high as it was in the 1990s. Divorce among older couples can present a certain set of challenges even if both parties are striving for fairness.

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