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Quality Family Law Representation

Tips for successful post-divorce parenting

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Parenting Plans |

As some divorced Kentucky parents know, tensions do not always end after a divorce is finalized. This is particularly true when there are children and co-parenting involved. However, there are a variety of ways parents can make the process easier.

The first thing is to remember that the best interests of the children should always be prioritized. For this reason, parents should be honest and positive about the situation. This means accepting and encouraging the relationship between the other parent and the children. It also means avoiding speaking negatively about the other parent, even if the other parent is not meeting their parental responsibility. It is best that the children realize this on their own, instead of being told by one parent. As the children grow and ask questions, they should be told simple yet honest answers.

Organization is also key for successful co-parenting. Since divorce settlements include parenting plans, both households could display clear, visible calendars that detail the children’s schedules, including where they are staying during the week, holidays and other important events. The communication about such things should also be done in a way that minimizes conflict. Roles in the family also need to be clearly defined, particularly when the parents move on and introduce their new partners to the children.

Parenting after divorce may constantly evolve, and there could be times where things need to be mediated. Those who are negotiating custody and visitation issues might find it beneficial to seek the advice and assistance of a lawyer with experience in family law. The lawyer can explain legislation, how it affects the family’s situation and help with forms and court appearances.

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