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Quality Family Law Representation

Couples determine how long their divorce takes

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Divorce |

When a Kentucky resident chooses to get a divorce, he or she generally wants the process to be quick. How long it takes to finish a divorce depends on the steps taken to negotiate a settlement. Those who choose to come to a settlement on their own will generally spend less time negotiating compared to those who wish to end their marriage through litigation.

This is partially because there may not be an available court date until months after a couple files for divorce. It is important to note that those who want to get divorced on their own should only do so if they don’t have kids or assets. Furthermore, a divorcing couple could choose to work with a mediator or go through arbitration to obtain a divorce settlement. The mediation process sees a couple work with a neutral third-party to communicate openly with each other.

Arbitration involves both parties to the relationship presenting evidence to a legal professional who will make a ruling. This person is generally a retired lawyer or judge. Mediation or arbitration can be used to settle the entire divorce or to resolve certain issues that the parties can’t agree to on their own. Using these tools, the divorce process may be concluded in a matter of weeks or months.

Disputes over issues such as who receives spousal support or how to divide property may prolong a divorce. However, an attorney may be able to recommend options to get past any impasses that may arise. He or she could talk about the benefits of mediation or arbitration, and legal counsel can represent an individual during these sessions. A timely divorce may allow former spouses to maintain relationships with each other, which may be important if they have children together.

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