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Kevin Federline asks Britney Spears for more child support

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Child Support |

Kentucky fans of singer Britney Spears may be aware of her ongoing child support dispute with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The two split up in 2007, and Spears paid Federline, a former backup dancer, $1.3 million and several years of spousal support. Her child support payments for their two sons were set at $20,000 per month.

However, the latter payments were based on her income at the time, and she was dealing with mental health issues and struggling in her career. She has since started a residency in Las Vegas, where she earns $15 million annually, and released four albums. Reportedly, it was her Vegas success that prompted Federline to ask for more money.

Federline’s attorney wrote a letter to Spears’ attorney asking for an increase in child support. A few weeks later, Federline reportedly phoned Spears’ father with the same request. However, he would not answer when Spears’ father asked what he needed the extra support for. Spears’ father said both parents needed to be able to take care of their children in the same way but that Spears had not changed the way she cared for their sons despite her increase in income.

In some cases, a modification to a child support order may occur including in the case of an income change by the parent who is paying support. This includes the possibility that the parent might be required to pay less support if there is a material change in circumstances such as a job loss. However, if this happens, the parent cannot simply stop the payments. It is necessary to go to court and ask for a modification. Until this is approved, the parent will continue to owe the same amount.

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