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March 2018 Archives

Child support enforcement across state lines

When single parents in Kentucky get short-changed on court-mandated child support payments, they may wonder what they can do to aid enforcement. Child support funds can be critical to maintaining the health, well-being and education of children. Therefore, enforcing these orders is often a major priority for both federal and state governments. One of the most successful tactics for collecting unpaid child support on an ongoing basis is payroll deductions.

Kevin Federline asks Britney Spears for more child support

Kentucky fans of singer Britney Spears may be aware of her ongoing child support dispute with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The two split up in 2007, and Spears paid Federline, a former backup dancer, $1.3 million and several years of spousal support. Her child support payments for their two sons were set at $20,000 per month.

Retirement funds can be major financial issue in divorce

For many in Kentucky who choose to divorce, the end of a marriage is fraught with emotional and practical issues as well as long-term financial concerns. In the case of retirement funds, these often represent the single largest asset that is part of the couple's marital property, reflecting substantial savings and the result of hard work. As both parties often look towards these accounts as central to their financial futures and health, dealing with their distribution in a divorce can be problematic.

Divorce planning can be an important financial step

For many people in Kentucky beginning on the marriage journey, planning for divorce may be one of the least appealing considerations to make. While couples currently planning their marriage may not see divorce on the horizon, making certain kinds of preparations can help prevent harm in the future and can be considered part of financial planning. Indeed, many of the same actions that provide greater individual protections in case of divorce also carry benefits in terms of estate planning and other related issues.

Legal terms you should know if you suspect a hidden asset problem

Protecting your rights and assets in divorce is no doubt one of your highest priorities. If you're a parent, then making sure proceedings focus on your children's best interests is also of paramount importance. When the time comes for the court to divide your marital property, problems (and stress) can arise if your spouse is not being honest. Hidden assets are a major problem in many Kentucky divorces, as well as in hundreds of other divorces throughout the nation.

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