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January 2018 Archives

Establishing a parenting plan

When parents in Kentucky decide to divorce, the children are often a priority. No matter how unhappy the parents may be with each other, they each maintain a strong commitment to their children. For that reason, crafting a parenting plan that supports these essential bonds is important.

How to rebound financially from divorce

A divorce can have a significant financial impact on Kentucky residents and anyone else going through this process. Individuals may lose savings accounts, retirement accounts or access to portions of their business assets. However, there are ways in which individuals can recover financially after their marriage comes to an end. One of the best ways to do so is to create a budget that reflects a person's new fiscal reality.

What happens to artwork during a divorce

Many Kentucky couples spend years, if not decades, building up their assets. However, when a couple who has an estate worth millions or billions, those assets will have to be divided up between both parties. When it comes to artwork, determining their worth can be extremely difficult as their worth is usually estimated.

How divorcing couples keep tabs on each other today

Advances in technology may make it easier for Kentucky residents to spy on or track their former spouses. One woman found that a GPS device had been placed on the tire of her car, which allowed her ex-husband to know exactly where she was going and when. In this case, the police declined to pursue charges against the husband because he had an ownership interest in the vehicle.

Prevention of international parental kidnapping

Kentucky parents are prohibited by federal law from moving their children out of the United States for the purpose of interfering with the other parent's custody rights. A person who violates this law may be charged with international parental kidnapping face up to three years in federal prison.

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