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Handling credit scores after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Divorce |

While there are several pressing matters to attend to when going through a divorce, Kentucky residents should make time to think about credit scores. When possible, couples must work together to untangle credit and build good credit history. This is because both parties can be hurt when failing to pay off joint accounts even if one person agreed to make the payments.

First, a couple should close joint accounts. Any remaining debt a couple shares can be distributed in a divorce decree. If a spouse is an authorized user on a credit card, one can call the issuer to remove this person. Opening independent credit cards and bank accounts helps one establish a credit history.

A couple may wish to pay off some debts before a divorce is finalized, but one partner may need to be careful. This is because there are instances where the other party may be responsible for a larger amount of a debt. One may need the advice of an attorney or financial advisor when paying debts. This helps one understand the financial obligations he or she is responsible for and when it makes sense to pay other bills. One likely does not want to pay a bill the other spouse is supposed to pay, but paying the bill might be better than letting delinquent payments hurt shared credit.

While a couple can separate their joint accounts when ending a marriage, partners who have children together still have ties between them. This means a couple must work out child custody matters. Several options exist that might work for a family. For example, both parents might share legal and physical custody, or one parent might have physical custody while both parents share legal custody. The flexibility of an arrangement might depend on how well parents can work together and communicate.

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