Adopting a child is an act of generosity practically unmatched in our society. Taking on another family member is a life-changing event for everyone involved, parents and children alike. Because of the complexity involved in adoptions, working with an experienced adoption lawyer is a must for many people.

The adoption attorneys at Dietz & Overmann, PLLC, in Edgewood, Kentucky, can assist couples and individuals adopting a child. Our family law attorneys can help clients understand the different types of adoption, which include:

  • Step-parent adoption, when a spouse of a minor child’s parents wishes to adopt that child.
  • Foreign adoption or international adoption, when an individual or couple adopts a child from outside the United States.
  • Private adoption, when the adoptive parents and biological parents enter into an agreement without the aid of an agency. This can be someone introduced to the adoptive parents through family, friends or church.
  • Agency adoption, when a prospective adoptive parent or parents utilize an agency to facilitate the placement of the child in their home.
  • Foster adoption, when the foster parents adopt a child that is in the care, custody and control of the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services because the biological parents’ rights have been terminated.

Our attorneys can offer guidance depending on the type of adoption that clients are seeking. For some adoptions, it is necessary to petition the court to terminate parental rights prior to filing for adoption. Our legal team can assist with this matter, as well as with parents who believe their parental rights are wrongfully being terminated.

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